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Ideally no more than €1000 or so, I think the best way to go about it would be to build something myself but how? Maybe if someone knows of a tutorial or something. At least if I build it myself I know that I'll be using quality materials.
Oh, sorry I forgot to mention that he is actually quite a bit older than me, at 34. Most of the bespoke suits were financed by an inheritance from his rich Father but he did not make that bad an earning before anyway at €90000 a year. Fact is that his dress style worked just fine and nobody said anything to him for over 3 years until the new boss (whom happens to be about the same age as him) decided to attend client meetings and felt intimidated by his employee's...
Usually employees are not dressed well enough. In my opinion the Boss should just have started dressing better himself, he certainly had the money to do so.   If I was a CEO and my employees all turned up in bespoke clothes, charvet ties and what not I'd be very happy I think.
A friend of mine recently got fired even though his performance at work was just fine. He was the best dressed person at the office, in his imposing bespoke double breasted or three piece suits, always wearing a pocket square, a seven fold tie and bespoke shirts from T&A as well as some highly polished Lobb brogues. In fact at meetings clients often confused him with the head of the company and thought that his Boss was merely his assistant.   Nevertheless his...
Actually I think his outfit is nice.   Where did you buy that tie? I don't wear yellow often but I like this one.
Now that is a good argument!   But fortunately there are also some tailors who can act as designers.
Some mentioned not wanting to wait. I am not a patient man either but bespoke shirts here in France take only one month to make and MTM suits a month and a half. I think waiting for a month or a month and a half is reasonable even for someone who doesn't like waiting. The pleasure of knowing that something was made just for you is truly great. MTM is often cheaper than Kiton or Brioni too, my MTM suits cost me about €1800 to €2200 and for the price of one Kiton or Brioni...
Could someone who regularly buys both bespoke and 4 digit price tag brands explain what he likes about both options? I think this would be interesting.
My theory was that maybe people don't know that tailors still exist or have preconceptions about tailors only being able to make "old fashioned" or "unfashionable" garments. This just isn't true.
Most good tailors have hundreds if not thousands of fabrics, buttons and linings available. And if you still can't find something you fancy you could buy a few meters of cloth somewhere else and send it to your tailor! As for the fit a good tailor should be able to offer about any fit you want! Don't like the cut? Try another tailor, many have their very own house style! As for the wait there is an in between option, with MTM, my tailor is able to make MTM suits in under...
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