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Not sure
Didn't buy them from the website. I ordered them from Nordstrom. Same season, same cut.
  Hmmm... I have SS14 jeans in Olive and they fit exactly like the webstore states. They're a size 30 and the true fit is just under 32. I really love them. The only complaint I have is that my Jr. pops a little too much which is why I wanted last year's cut, which you stated was a little looser in the thigh. Other than that I really love them. 
 Gentlemen, I really, really want the Ervell jeans from before this season with more room in the seat/thighs in Navy. I'm a true 31. If anyone has these and would like to sell them please let me know.
Hi,   Do you have measurements?
 Cool. Some Finnish prog: 
Yeah, when I pressed the button the lift came down, I saw the mech, I shat my pants.   Game has aged well.
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