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  While it is definitely cropped (which I really like), its not overly boxy (just kind of) and the shoulders are about 18", which isn't all that narrow for a small sized jacket. Not sure about other/later variations of the aviator but that season was a winner. I've considered having the epaulets removed but I haven't decided yet.
 Here is a pic that I posted of myself a while back. Not the best but I'm sure you've already seen stock photos and a few others after googling. The fit is cropped and slightly boxy. I get compliments here and there  
  Good Lord... 
    This might be my favorite Ervell pic.   Also, I'm putting my beloved Ervell Silk Standard, hidden placket shirt on sale (Medium). I didn't want to sell it but if I'm going to alter it, someone else should have it. It is my grail but I need a small.
Hello,   Patrik Ervell Silk Standard shirt with hidden placket, size medium. Long story short: I've been looking for this in a small for a very long time. I've found xs, but it was too small. Found this, sold the xs, but after trying it on I realized that a small would be best and I didn't want to alter this shirt in any way.   This is a gorgeous shirt and you probably know enough about it but if not, here is a description from the auction of the xs:   "The fabric is...
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