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Again, Battletoads Double Dragon for NES. Man, that game was so fun. I love the Toads. I really wish there was a way to play 8 and 16 bit games online multiplayer. Like some big library arcade. I'd totally pay to subscribe.
  Heh. Keep us posted.   
Wow, yes. It was the excellence of their musical traditions that first sparked my interest in Germanic civilization in the first place. I really love the subject, ancient to contemporary, and wikipedia has improved greatly within that sphere. It used to be that wikipedia featured openly Germanophobic entries. Now it is, for the most part, pretty straight and wiki functions as a great source for a suspiciously neglected subject. I can sit on it for hours and hours, and spin...
The Geth effin rule.
Look, everybody knows the blues started with Wicked Wisdom in the nation of Africa.
    This one perhaps succeeded more in representing the mentally handicapped in a more flattering light.
  Oh, and one more thing:  
  Snark? You mean like unicorns?       WHY SO SERIOUS?
Conversations like this regarding music remind me of when people contemplate the meaning of God at teenage parties.   "I don't believe that God is like, this old dude with a white beard, man. God is in everything. Like, God is in this table, man."
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