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I don't understand:   Tailoring a ready to wear product to a model on your website to the point that the garment you're actually selling to people is cut nothing like the product represented on the site.   Look, I understand that you want the product to look good, but you need to understand that if, in the end, the product on the site ends up looking absolutely nothing like the off-the-rack product you ship to customers (even in your model's size), then you're...
Speaking of bad drivers...     DC.
    Carl Orff
    Bruce Willis was not in Showdown in Little Tokyo...
Ick. That creep with her played, irritating, uninspired "Doo-Wop-Shabop-Shabop" girly girl gimmick. She was in some Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives commercial doing her idiotic schtick and her face just felt so poop-worthy.   On a related note: Were we supposed to like her in 500 Day of Summer? Her character just seemed like a sadistic, cruel piece of crap. My buddy and I were confused and somewhat appalled.
^ "Doesn't believe in rounding."   What petty nonsense. Utterly egotistical.
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