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So I just finished Mass Effect 3. I can't see why so many people hated it. I liked it.
Nice. I think that i posted something about descent 2 a while back. I would really love to get a game going. Then puke over mic from motion sickness. Gravis joystick!
That's a good score. I'm glad they avoided going the Hollywood massive orchestra and big sound road with its orchestrals and instead focused on dynamics. I hear a great balance of delicacy and Wagnerian thunder in that score that feels pretty seamless.       Blade Runner PC game   Dead Space   Mass Effect   All of these games blended fantastic SD with a great score. I really love Mass Effect's use of the Classic Berlin School sequencer-based aesthetic.
What are some of our favorite game Sound Design/Scores?
I don't understand:   Tailoring a ready to wear product to a model on your website to the point that the garment you're actually selling to people is cut nothing like the product represented on the site.   Look, I understand that you want the product to look good, but you need to understand that if, in the end, the product on the site ends up looking absolutely nothing like the off-the-rack product you ship to customers (even in your model's size), then you're...
Speaking of bad drivers...     DC.
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