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  Oh, and one more thing:  
  Snark? You mean like unicorns?       WHY SO SERIOUS?
Conversations like this regarding music remind me of when people contemplate the meaning of God at teenage parties.   "I don't believe that God is like, this old dude with a white beard, man. God is in everything. Like, God is in this table, man."
  Lay off of Pat.   PS - German music is better than your music.
You know what I don't get? Cheese steak subs. Look, the main ingredient should be the steak. If you want more cheese than steak, that's a special order. The thing should be called steak cheese.
  That's right. The blues was entirely self-contained and was in no way a mixture of African and European influences. The form was born in a bang instantly and its instrumentation, style, and execution were entirely original.   This thread just became very special.
  You're right. Lies, lies, LIES!
And the blues owes a lot to English folk music... (Tragically under-credited)
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