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  I Will Be Here For You and Mornin', Both from his self-titled.       Please don't judge the Beatles based on virtuosity. You'll miss out.   Beatles covers are often very cringe-worthy because they're usually cheap, naive, and arrogant attempts to ride their coat tails to critical credibility. I'm sure there are Beatles covers here and there that are okay, but I personally hate when people do it. It's hilarious because it is something that inevitably backfires because...
  You chose... WISELY!   Distant Hills is an all-time classic.           On an similar note:  
I've played them all.
So I just finished Mass Effect 3. I can't see why so many people hated it. I liked it.
Nice. I think that i posted something about descent 2 a while back. I would really love to get a game going. Then puke over mic from motion sickness. Gravis joystick!
That's a good score. I'm glad they avoided going the Hollywood massive orchestra and big sound road with its orchestrals and instead focused on dynamics. I hear a great balance of delicacy and Wagnerian thunder in that score that feels pretty seamless.       Blade Runner PC game   Dead Space   Mass Effect   All of these games blended fantastic SD with a great score. I really love Mass Effect's use of the Classic Berlin School sequencer-based aesthetic.
What are some of our favorite game Sound Design/Scores?
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