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  Do we really cause more accidents? I've heard people insist that men are actually worse drivers. I drive every day multiple times a day and the most idiotic offenders that I personally witness are overwhelmingly female, so I'm wondering if the alleged statistics are true.   I live in the DC-ish area as well.
Why Tres Bien has to push XXL Magazine
  Jerry Goldsmith's greatest score, without a doubt. Others may disagree.   Chinatown is actually one of my all-time favorite movies. I watch it at least once a year and prefer to be alone.  
Yes,SonaineHow i ended this summerThe Red and the WhiteThat Evening Sun32 short films about Glenn GouldTerminator 1ChinatownAfflictionThe StuffNetworkJUST A FEW FROM MY QUEUE!
Yes, fuck the French. I'm somewhat of a Germanophile so that attitude comes naturally.More importantly, there are yakuza films (which blow) and then there are Takeshi films like the one you've mentioned. Those are good and i suggest you start with Sonatine. I've mentioned it before.
I want that thing... Mighty-Mac, Heritage, and Lyle & Scott make something similar, but not as kewl.
    you chose... wisely!    
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