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Yes, fuck the French. I'm somewhat of a Germanophile so that attitude comes naturally.More importantly, there are yakuza films (which blow) and then there are Takeshi films like the one you've mentioned. Those are good and i suggest you start with Sonatine. I've mentioned it before.
I want that thing... Mighty-Mac, Heritage, and Lyle & Scott make something similar, but not as kewl.
    you chose... wisely!    
The worst part about this is the mortgage issue... Good Lord...
  Yes, this was a very good movie. Besides, I've always liked Sam Rockwell, and I'm definitely going to give this movie a second screening now that I'm reminded.     Recently:   I tried to get into Bad Lieutenant, but it's just a stupid movie. Just like King of New York, it's just skeez-chic and meaningless. For a movie that tries to portray the cliché moral bankruptcy and salvation shtick, it sure does have a romanticized junkie worship tone while doing so. It reminds me...
Jesus Christ...
I was debating this same exact thing..!
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