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Ok, what don't you fart knockers understand about ebay? When you engage in bidding wars 12 hours before the auction ends, what could have been a 10-15 dollar shirt is now 100 with an hour to go. Fucking morons. I don't understand their logic here.
    Baltimore has some audacious homeless. They're usually so fucking punch-worthy that you can't stop with just one.
  Pikesville? Depending on which side of Northern Parkway you live on...     This:     May very well equal this:  
  And what neighborhood is that?
          Hmmm... I'm from Baltimore and I'm quite curious to hear what's so terrible about it?
^ Thanks for that
    On a somewhat-related note:        
The Diaz brothers are complete morons. Nate Diaz is clearly retarded and perhaps the worst person alive. I love watching them lose, so I hope this winning streak ends brutally.
Why is my dog so cute?
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