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Misandrist family law system. Burn the witch.
This thankless fucking industry and executives who make insane decisions regarding the structure and functionality of departments they've never even seen.
I remember seeing this movie on an airplane going to California. It must have been the altitude because I kept laughing out loud and I remember being worried that I was being offensive.   Edit: (in ref. to Other Sister)
Well, what kind of REACTION did you expect?!
The polo is fantastic. I'll see if my girly can take some pics.
Wikipedia has come a long way.
Again, Battletoads Double Dragon for NES. Man, that game was so fun. I love the Toads. I really wish there was a way to play 8 and 16 bit games online multiplayer. Like some big library arcade. I'd totally pay to subscribe.
  Heh. Keep us posted.   
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