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I just survived Bartleby.
This. Also, people who actually slow down to prevent you from coming over into their lane. Speeding up because you can't stand the idea of someone perhaps being in front of you is ridiculous enough, but slowing down to prevent them from entry is all together absurd. I endure this CONSTANTLY in the DC area. As if the lane itself is a matter of personal property that they seek the need to defend.   This place is a melting pot. A melting pot of SHIT, MAN.
The taxman is pissing me off.
Here's something I don't get...   Reaction videos on youtube. Dude, we don't care what your reaction to such and such was. It seems so self absorbed.
  Even with risks, I think men consciously make them. Women make them while being completely oblivious to the fact. I'd rather be surrounded by risky drivers aware of those around them instead of people in their own little world whilst talking on the phone. I mean, we still have the WRX-driving douchebag early-mind 20's male, but they're not as numerous as women (young and old) who have absolutely no concern for those around them.   Because of the trek I used...
Survival Horror seems neglected to start with. I mean, Resident Evil has become nothing but an action franchise at this point defined by its limitations on movement. Don't get me wrong, I like to play strategically and manage resources, but it makes it even more intense within a horror format. That's what made games like Fatal Frame and Clocktower so good... Limitation on action and feeling susceptible instead of like a tank.       Has anybody played Amnesia:...
  So, to clarify, are you stating that women of age are better drivers than anybody else?   Women (on average) do not drive better with age. They get worse and worse, like American Pie movies, The Rolling Stones, and Chelsea Handler's skin (by the minute).  
^   I've yet to check any of it. They say Dead Space 3 could be cool. Given my sound design fetish, Death Shot likey.
^   Awesome.
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