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I just sat through the cringe-fest that was Land of the Dead. What a lame-ass suckfest.
  since when the fuck did pitchfork ever matter? children's music is for children.
 My coworker keeps blasting "Last Dance" by Donna Summer every single night. I fucking hate Last Dance. That's a stupid fucking song. It's crap.
There's something about it. Maybe it's nostalgia, but there's just something so comforting about watching it... I wish that there was a way where I could get every Monday Nitro and Thunder from 96-2001.   Edit: At work, so I can't investigate, but I googled and found a torrent for every nitro from 95-01. Now for THUNDER!
I don't understand why I can't stop watching old WCW on youtube from the mid-late 90's.
    I'm really excited about it. My father and I are big ES fans. We've been over each game with a fine tooth comb - no guides. I'm most curious about how sophisticated the social element will be in the game.     Does anybody want to play Ultima Online?
It's the one of the few societal elements where people are left, to a large extent, govern themselves. Are they successful in doing so? I don't think so. I think most people's selfishness and immaturity are reflected in their driving.   PS - Anybody with a WRX is a piece o crap.
Fuck all of this. I speed. I have a fast car and I use it. The thing is, I'm also very courteous and I don't take other people's safety into my hands. If its crowded, I don't push it too fast. If someone needs to get in, I let them. I don't play these idiotic games with people's lives. Anybody who does is a piece of shit, fast or slow.
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