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I was bidding on an MMM shirt that I really wanted. In the last minute, my Ipad completely froze before I could put in my final bid and I lost.   I've always hated Apple.
My coworker has SNL on, which is bad enough, but the musical act tonight might have been the worst of the worst of the worst. Some nauseating dorks named Sleigh Bells. It was utterly cringe worthy to the point of being shrinkage-inducing. It was just god awful and incredibly forced. Who the hell falls for this dunk? Somebody strike the gong, pull this bitch off the stage with an oversized cane, and beat her to death with it. Thanks.
My Girlfriend made my 27th birthday a truly great one.
  Bro, I know 157 ways to put you in an armbar and all it takes is just one.
    LOL @ MMA shirts.
  The real fun is in the knife fights, but you can't hear those as well.
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I just sat through the cringe-fest that was Land of the Dead. What a lame-ass suckfest.
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