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My Girlfriend made my 27th birthday a truly great one.
  Bro, I know 157 ways to put you in an armbar and all it takes is just one.
    LOL @ MMA shirts.
  The real fun is in the knife fights, but you can't hear those as well.
This thread     http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?2016713-Rant-Why-I-hate-disco-even-after-30-years#
I just sat through the cringe-fest that was Land of the Dead. What a lame-ass suckfest.
  since when the fuck did pitchfork ever matter? children's music is for children.
 My coworker keeps blasting "Last Dance" by Donna Summer every single night. I fucking hate Last Dance. That's a stupid fucking song. It's crap.
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