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Movies in which Dolph Lundgren drops from the ceiling of Asian underground nightclubs, then proceeds to massacre everybody in them. Those movies are cool...   Starting at 2:40:        
Watching Trigger Man right now...
  Same story with my Dad.
Combo #7 @ Wendy's.
Computurd... Make sure you get the Solovair monkey boots. They're cool. I wear my normal size. I also have a pretty narrow foot. The oxbloods look great.     I'm thinking about getting my first pair of Solovair Gibson's, 3 eye. I have two Solovair pairs already: My Hawkins boots and the Monkey Boots. Looking forward to my Gibsons.
    NEVER FORGET:     The Flock was my personal favorite.  
By tomorrow I will have EVERY SINGLE WCW NITRO AND THUNDER from  95-98.     TRASH PARTY!
^^^   It was a cold, hard ride, but I'm glad I've arrived.
I just found a solution to the things that are pissing me off...   Whiskey.
New Posts  All Forums: