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Wow. Vangelis' score for Blade Runner is considered a masterwork of electronic scoring and sound design. He incorporated those two elements flawlessly into the foley and so beautifully that the most popular version of his score are bootlegs that don't exclude sd and foley. It is a rare example of flawless integration. It is not "80's techno music", is universally considered one of the great film scores of all time, and has overshadowed the rest of his work. It was what...
Oh, and one more thing:  
Movies in which Dolph Lundgren drops from the ceiling of Asian underground nightclubs, then proceeds to massacre everybody in them. Those movies are cool...   Starting at 2:40:        
Watching Trigger Man right now...
  Same story with my Dad.
Combo #7 @ Wendy's.
Computurd... Make sure you get the Solovair monkey boots. They're cool. I wear my normal size. I also have a pretty narrow foot. The oxbloods look great.     I'm thinking about getting my first pair of Solovair Gibson's, 3 eye. I have two Solovair pairs already: My Hawkins boots and the Monkey Boots. Looking forward to my Gibsons.
    NEVER FORGET:     The Flock was my personal favorite.  
By tomorrow I will have EVERY SINGLE WCW NITRO AND THUNDER from  95-98.     TRASH PARTY!
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