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Computurd... Make sure you get the Solovair monkey boots. They're cool. I wear my normal size. I also have a pretty narrow foot. The oxbloods look great.     I'm thinking about getting my first pair of Solovair Gibson's, 3 eye. I have two Solovair pairs already: My Hawkins boots and the Monkey Boots. Looking forward to my Gibsons.
    NEVER FORGET:     The Flock was my personal favorite.  
By tomorrow I will have EVERY SINGLE WCW NITRO AND THUNDER from  95-98.     TRASH PARTY!
^^^   It was a cold, hard ride, but I'm glad I've arrived.
I just found a solution to the things that are pissing me off...   Whiskey.
  Stupid scene, stupid movie.
  Some Solovair models also have slightly different silhouettes. I'm about to try a pair of their shoes for the first time, but months ago I purchased the Hawkins boot as a "smarter" alternative to the classic martens-style boots and I couldn't be happier. They're really effin' cool. Slimmer toe box, slightly more narrow, good quality...
  Are you saying that she has had no hits?
                Only the most excellent and deserving shall win, as we can see by this who's who list of derivative, commercial stage acts.
    "Eat shit and live, Bill."
New Posts  All Forums: