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Yeah. He's some kind of chemist, i think. I actually really love lundgren flicks. He's a karate champ, too.
Apparently, I had an offensively titled horse.
I was banished from the realm ages ago.
Everybody leave me alone on my day off. Just leave me alone.
Let's just go back to Ultima Online, please.
  Yeah. That was used in the original theatrical version, not the Director's Cut which was released much later. The narrative and several scenes (including that one) weren't originally supposed to be a part of the film, but were essentially a dumbing down for mainstream moviegoers who need everything directly explained to them. The directors cut included several deleted scenes along with an additional scene, the vision of the unicorn. It took a long time before BR was...
Wow. Vangelis' score for Blade Runner is considered a masterwork of electronic scoring and sound design. He incorporated those two elements flawlessly into the foley and so beautifully that the most popular version of his score are bootlegs that don't exclude sd and foley. It is a rare example of flawless integration. It is not "80's techno music", is universally considered one of the great film scores of all time, and has overshadowed the rest of his work. It was what...
Oh, and one more thing:  
Movies in which Dolph Lundgren drops from the ceiling of Asian underground nightclubs, then proceeds to massacre everybody in them. Those movies are cool...   Starting at 2:40:        
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