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Great score...    
Video game-based movies are the worst. Apparently they're making a Clock Tower movie but it has very little in common with Clock Tower. Clock Tower for snes and psx was great.   I'd like to see a Burger Time movie. Maybe Ecco the Dolphin.   Flashback: Quest for Identity would actually be cool as long as they don't Hollywood the poop out of it.
Wow, the UFC 147 card is absolutely terrible.
I actually started playing Skyrim yet again. I was trying to stay away from it. Failed.   Can anybody recommend good 360 games with a decent story?
  It has got to stop.
Do your best to steer clear of CACI International. This is an unethical company with absolutely no character and a culture of utter disrespect when it comes to treatment of contractors.
My goodness, Pitchfork is terrible. Reading PF feels like someone who is trying harder to write than to review, and tends to judge music based solely on its ability to communicate trends instead of think critically. Why in the world is this such popular publication?    
Yeah. He's some kind of chemist, i think. I actually really love lundgren flicks. He's a karate champ, too.
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