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Really big spoilers.
Thanks, I'm the best
      You win at not being a bigot with tunnel glasses, slurping down the haterade, banning Wagner performances, accusing Mr. Nietzsche.    
  Yes, actually. I watched Trigger Man, which everyone seems to hate but I liked it. I think a lot of people posture it as a "hipster flick" because it is the same director as House of the Devil, but I like his movies and I don't think he's especially trendy stylistically.   The Red and the White is streaming along with Videodrome, The Medici (documentary series), Monarchy (documentary series), Sonatine, a good number of Ingmar Bergman flicks, How I Ended the Summer,...
The disgusting amount of Germanophobic propaganda found on Netflix in the Historical Documentaries section.
I have seen the Chupacabra
Great score...    
Video game-based movies are the worst. Apparently they're making a Clock Tower movie but it has very little in common with Clock Tower. Clock Tower for snes and psx was great.   I'd like to see a Burger Time movie. Maybe Ecco the Dolphin.   Flashback: Quest for Identity would actually be cool as long as they don't Hollywood the poop out of it.
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