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    Niccceeeeeeee. Those are the Ervell docs? Niccccccceeeeee. Are the laces in those bad boys just plain ol' hiking laces? Nicccccceeeeeeee.
    Fang speaks truth. Your actual knowledge is refreshing, because it is clear that your education in history didn't have its roots in cable television.   It is becoming incredibly difficult for me to keep from jumping into this conversation and dropping a massive shit bomb. I just don't like taking the bait of people who don't know what they're talking about. To say that Germania has "persecuted" the vast majority of its major/minor political, scientific, artistic, and...
It's cool.   You know what's pissing me off? Disrespect for the elderly.
Oh, and people who choose to take offense to ______. Not actions that are immediately offensive, but when people make the choice to be offended by something after contemplating whether or not it is indeed offensive.
Really big spoilers.
Thanks, I'm the best
      You win at not being a bigot with tunnel glasses, slurping down the haterade, banning Wagner performances, accusing Mr. Nietzsche.    
  Yes, actually. I watched Trigger Man, which everyone seems to hate but I liked it. I think a lot of people posture it as a "hipster flick" because it is the same director as House of the Devil, but I like his movies and I don't think he's especially trendy stylistically.   The Red and the White is streaming along with Videodrome, The Medici (documentary series), Monarchy (documentary series), Sonatine, a good number of Ingmar Bergman flicks, How I Ended the Summer,...
New Posts  All Forums: