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Does anybody like Flemmish Sours, Geuze, and Berliner Weisse? I like sour beer.
  Boh left Baltimore a long time ago. I never understood why we clung to them considering. We apparently make up the vast majority of its sales. It's also not a very good beer, even as an economy macro. It's produced in North Carolina now and is owned by Pabst.   MD has its own beer. Good beer.     I guess that depends on what you're rating. Things are pretty isolated. I'm from town. You keep talking about Baltimore, I'm interested to know where you're from?
looks sick.
Stop saying hipster.   If you don't want to seem or look like a bunghole, go onto lookbook or helooks and don't do what you see.
Haha. I remember.   My wagon wheel broke and my wife just died of dysentery, please advise.      
Normally I'd shit all over this stuff, but...    
  Seriously. Don't give it too long. I'd say remember to take vitamins but I doubt you can keep food down to go with them. They'll just make you sicker on an empty stomach.
I recently went through the same thing. You really, really have to hydrate even though it comes right back up and out. It's going to be hard balance though because you'll be so nutrient deficient by the end. Are you running a bad fever too?       This is absolute truth. Clear, yellowish liquid poop. Something akin to a watered-down ectoplasm from ghostbusters.
  Oh wow. Touche.   I don't believe that I've ever claimed such lofty merit. Though, I'm fairly curious about how you've waited to apply that logic to me instead of a certain someone else making bogus historical claims, while at the same time you're claiming that Americans are historically apathetic to begin with. I guess I won't ever contemplate the Moon again, because I've never been there.   Goodbye.
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