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The problem with overhopping is that hops are like weeds, the choke out the flowers. You lose a lot when you add a lot.   On a side note. It was hot as balls in Georgetown the other day (a place I don't really like to be, but my girl works there). I was walking around at like, 10 am and decided to get loaded. I went to The Guards and they only had Yeungling on draft. I was surprised at how much I actually love that beer. It's not a "great" beer, but it was beyond...
  I understand that we're trying not to talk about beer now, but I couldn't resist.   Good post, but I disagree on the Lindemann's. A lot of their lambics aren't the best in the world (the peche is horrific), but not terrible. Their faro and gueuze really are quite good. Try that faro when you get a chance. Easy to find and not as expensive as some others.   German-German beer is amazing. And yes, we all love Belgian, but German beer does not all taste the same. Brewing...
DayZ. I've decided to upgrade graphics card.
I like mead.
Is there a lot of clan warfare? That's what i'm looking for.
Does anybody here play DayZ?
I'm a fan of Heavy Seas (esp. Marzen) as my cheaps, and Miller Lite as my super-cheap. At first I didn't like ML. But with time... Damn, so refreshing!
  It reminds me of when Angelina Jolie and Susan Sarandon start opening their mouths and something political comes out. Something very naive and theatrical.
Too long, too ridic.   It's really annoying when people negatively generalize all Americans because they apparently worked as a bartender at some frat bar. I've tasted some piss poor beer from all over the world. Macros are macros. Period. Those same people you're crapping on probably love genuinely good beer. We brew some of the best beer on the planet.    Take those lifts out of your shoes and come back down to Earth, and please refrain from the faddish Ameribashing...
New Posts  All Forums: