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Does anybody here play DayZ?
I'm a fan of Heavy Seas (esp. Marzen) as my cheaps, and Miller Lite as my super-cheap. At first I didn't like ML. But with time... Damn, so refreshing!
  It reminds me of when Angelina Jolie and Susan Sarandon start opening their mouths and something political comes out. Something very naive and theatrical.
Too long, too ridic.   It's really annoying when people negatively generalize all Americans because they apparently worked as a bartender at some frat bar. I've tasted some piss poor beer from all over the world. Macros are macros. Period. Those same people you're crapping on probably love genuinely good beer. We brew some of the best beer on the planet.    Take those lifts out of your shoes and come back down to Earth, and please refrain from the faddish Ameribashing...
Does anybody like Flemmish Sours, Geuze, and Berliner Weisse? I like sour beer.
  Boh left Baltimore a long time ago. I never understood why we clung to them considering. We apparently make up the vast majority of its sales. It's also not a very good beer, even as an economy macro. It's produced in North Carolina now and is owned by Pabst.   MD has its own beer. Good beer.     I guess that depends on what you're rating. Things are pretty isolated. I'm from town. You keep talking about Baltimore, I'm interested to know where you're from?
looks sick.
Stop saying hipster.   If you don't want to seem or look like a bunghole, go onto lookbook or helooks and don't do what you see.
Haha. I remember.   My wagon wheel broke and my wife just died of dysentery, please advise.      
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