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Sorry, C.H.U.Ds
This crap. I can't stand misandrist double standards.I don't "get" why so many women feel that being a pedophile is perfectly fine. Fucking teenage boys isn't cool. This cougar crap isn't some novelty and these creeps deserve the same level of hate as the men who do it. we all know that these same fat trolls would want hard justice if a grown man screwed their tween daughters. Men who make jokes like this get the death eye from other men.
He looks like a lesbian  
I wish I could find a woven suede black belt with a black O or D ring.
  Usher's face looks like a Ninja Turtle.   Justin Bieber... I didn't want to jump on the wagon of hate against this kid because, well, he's just a kid. Alas, every time I see him speak I can't help but want to pinch loaf onto his face. He's just such an oblivious douche of a little creep.
You thought world 8 in M3 was tough? Try Level 8 in Super-C. I see people do speed runs flawless. I guess I just lack the skill.
    My very first playstation game. My mom bought it for me. It was the sequel to Flashback.
    I don't get that one .
Yeah, beer sucks. I only drink Orbitz...    
You shut up, butt burgler.
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