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 Idiotic. I can't stand the phony Black Keys at all, but this is just silly. Can people please stop pretending that "hipsters" ruin things? It is so cringe inducing to listen to someone babble about how they can't stand hipsters or that hipsters somehow ruined [insert topic].  The people who burp this nonsense up always seem so jealous or threatened by their peers. Who cares what young folks in tight pants like and do. Leave them alone. They don't care about you. Continue...
I know that this is nobody's favorite Scott album, but I really love Climate of Hunter  
 Yeah me too. I suppose you're a Scott fan as well?
hmmm. How long does it usually take them to ship? Placed an order on Saturday and expected the package to ship yesterday. I'm being impatient I know, just curious how long it usually takes...
More of the same:  
^^ Been meaning to try it
I really love Solovair. I've been wearing them for a long time now. My first pair were oxblood monkey boots and they just won't die.   On some models the leather seems more supple as one person commented. I have a pair of Hawkins boots with said leather and they're far superior. I wear them pretty hard and after a shine they look gorgeous still. Very well made.
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