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Really into Witcher 2 and Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet.   ITSP reminds me a lot of Sub-Terrania.    The atmosphere and sound design in ITSP is really cool. Sub Terrania has really good music, too...  
  They actually were nicer, and they very well may have been made by Solovair.
Yeah, they're both Gibsons. The first pair have the normal Gibson sole and blind eyelets. The second have a commando sole and nickel (i think) eyelets. It would be really great if they had a pair with commando sole/blind eyelets. As far as where to get Solovairs, unfortunately you have to get them from England. A simple google will show you a few official online shops, most notably britboot.I really love Solovairs. People have said they are of a higher quality than Martens...
  I feel the same way. I actually really like the way Solovair Gibsons look with the Ervell aesthetic, especially if they have a commando sole. They age well... The first two are pics I posted a while back as I received the wrong size and had to sell... The second are a pair that I have in my crosshairs...   
  A Hal Holbrook movie from the late 70's called Rituals. Just give it a try.
that's cool. Where did you find it? How does it fit?
You should post el fit pico.
  While it is definitely cropped (which I really like), its not overly boxy (just kind of) and the shoulders are about 18", which isn't all that narrow for a small sized jacket. Not sure about other/later variations of the aviator but that season was a winner. I've considered having the epaulets removed but I haven't decided yet.
 Here is a pic that I posted of myself a while back. Not the best but I'm sure you've already seen stock photos and a few others after googling. The fit is cropped and slightly boxy. I get compliments here and there  
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