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Yeah these kinds of knits are always like that. I'll probably still get one some day because they're perfect. Has anybody had experience with the lightweight pocket sweaters? I missed out on a black one a while back and really regret it. 
I've always wanted a pocket sweater. I have this thing where I cant stand when elbows get baggy and it looks like the kind of knit that does that easily. Please don't tell my bank account if this is false. 
EVERYONE, MAN. Everyone is staring!
I'm wondering if I'm going to be walking around looking like a dingus with a ladies cardigan on.   "IT'S NOT A LADIES CARDIGAN IT WAS JUST MADE THIS WAY, MAN."
 This is the only thing I don't like about it. Honestly it makes me a little uncomfortable because I don't want people thinking that I'm wearing women's clothing. Are some knits just like this for men or is this a design flaw?
I just got the navy Technical Knit Cardigan. I love it. I like to wear it slightly undersized for a frankenstein look and this is perfect. Great fabric, great construction and fit. I would kill for one in black.   Frankenstein look. 
Poser Anthony Bourdain.
Yeah I've never had any issues either. Wonder what's up...
Tell him to make more of those nylon shirt jackets. I didn't get a chance to grab one and they never pop up on marketplace or ebay :(  
I have the short sleeved shirt in that pattern. I have to get darts in the back but I know its going to look pretty effin good. I wanted to wear it with the grey Ervell jeans on the marketplace but guy won't respond to my pm's. KILLING ME!
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