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 ^^ This
Anybody want to sell their unstructured blazer? I'm a 36 in other jackets. With Ervell sizing maybe a 38 works too depending on measurements. Make that fantasy a reality. 
Damn... Hate to say it, but damn...    Side note: Fedex truly is horrific around here. I live in Baltimore and they've "lost" packages like crazy, and only really with fedex. I think they suck shit and they don't seem to be champions of accountability. 
Anyone trying to sell a black small, xs pocket sweater?
Both. They fit me well in small (5'9, 140), but I always have to get darts. I've been working out and used to be able to fit into XS (for some reason, not sure. I have two of them and they fit great). Not sure how my arms and shoulders will fit into these shirts in a few months.  They really are slim in the arms and pits but not the slimmest I've seen. You don't need to be some alien ectomorph to wear most of his shirts but it helps ;)
Ervell shirts are my favorite shirts. I have to get darts in the back, but after that they fit me better than any other. 
Yeah, I want the slim one in black. 
Yeah these kinds of knits are always like that. I'll probably still get one some day because they're perfect. Has anybody had experience with the lightweight pocket sweaters? I missed out on a black one a while back and really regret it. 
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