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Thanks bro :)
 Let me know if you decide to sell. I MAY BUY. Edit: Is this the wash?
42 is basically a 33, right? Did they stretch to that? How wide are they at the bottom hem and the thigh (just curious)?
I may be interested. What is the exact waist measurement on those?
Eff. I keep near-missing each pair of Ervell selvedge jeans on Ebay. I really want a pair badly.
It makes me sick to my stomach. The guy behind me almost smashed into me, I'm sure. She was in a Lexus.
Bimbo on a phone slams on her brakes in front of me. I come within an inch of hitting her. I look up in shock from her bumper to see her stupid head bobbing up and down while on the cell phone with a football field between her car and the next. Absolutely no reason to slam on her brakes.    
  I have two Ervell hats, the black suede you mentioned above and the tan with the pleather black brim. Both are great, but his suede hats are just sick. The short brim is really smart and wears well dressed up and down.
Bought Twisted Metal 2 at the Collectors Corner in my neighborhood. Excited to play it again.
New Posts  All Forums: