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Thanks. I don't need my muffin top back fat exposed so I appreciate the tip!
Tooth,   I was interested in a pair of the twill jeans from fw11... They're a true 30 and i'm a true 32. Will they stretch or should I stay away?
Event Horizon is a truly awful movie but a decent enough book.
Will Forte is really funny.
 I would like to make it clear that MacGruber is an excellent movie and not at all terrible. I flippin' love that movie.
I really like Jason Statham movies.
Did the stitching come loose? If not, it might have just unraveled and slipped through the stitching. I bet we could come up with some way to fix that. It might require somehow binding the fibers together so that you can put it back through, and then re-stitching through the braiding so that it doesn't happen again.
Weird that the strap broke. I have two of them that I wear literally every day and they're like tanks... Post pics of what happened...
zzzzap,   I purchased a small
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