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Hello,   Patrik Ervell Silk Standard shirt with hidden placket, size medium. Long story short: I've been looking for this in a small for a very long time. I've found xs, but it was too small. Found this, sold the xs, but after trying it on I realized that a small would be best and I didn't want to alter this shirt in any way.   This is a gorgeous shirt and you probably know enough about it but if not, here is a description from the auction of the xs:   "The fabric is...
Watched Bernie.
Don't pick on Stallone...
^ Good movie
First car:   1996 Infiniti G20   Fun to drive, piece of shit.
Yeah the Aero is such a wonderful ride. I've driven them and they're so worth it. Mine is an all-stock 2.0T.
 You ready? 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T I shouldn't have won. Off the ramp he had me (of course). Once I hit 50-60 I blew him the 'eff away.
New Posts  All Forums: