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Hand washed and they shrank that much? Damn... 
Rubberized park = drool
Not as small as on him but undersized. I do wear things slightly undersized. Loud and proud. 
I think the new season is great. I love a lot of what I see and I'll be making some purchases.    I wanted to talk up the Technical Knit Cardigan I got a few months ago. This thing is perfect. It is so good. Fabric is light but strong, tough. The cut is perfect for me. It is functional, minimal and elegant. I wish I had one in black as well. It fits me similar to this:   
 ^^ This
Anybody want to sell their unstructured blazer? I'm a 36 in other jackets. With Ervell sizing maybe a 38 works too depending on measurements. Make that fantasy a reality. 
Damn... Hate to say it, but damn...    Side note: Fedex truly is horrific around here. I live in Baltimore and they've "lost" packages like crazy, and only really with fedex. I think they suck shit and they don't seem to be champions of accountability. 
Anyone trying to sell a black small, xs pocket sweater?
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