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Grenson had the Finbar a while back but don't make it anymore. Not sure why they keep insisting that the wedge shoes should always be brogues...   
 I've always wanted a black pocket sweater, be it the light one or the regular one.  Broke/cheap dude problems. 
Nah, there is a black one.
 There is one on Grailed. 
I think it looks great. Even better with pants that have a slightly looser seat.
Hand washed and they shrank that much? Damn... 
Rubberized park = drool
Not as small as on him but undersized. I do wear things slightly undersized. Loud and proud. 
I think the new season is great. I love a lot of what I see and I'll be making some purchases.    I wanted to talk up the Technical Knit Cardigan I got a few months ago. This thing is perfect. It is so good. Fabric is light but strong, tough. The cut is perfect for me. It is functional, minimal and elegant. I wish I had one in black as well. It fits me similar to this:   
New Posts  All Forums: