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  I saw this and immediately wished I was a taller dude.
  I have the pima cotton black shawl cardigan and the deep navy technical fabric cardigan. They're both grails, especially the technical. So much so that I bought a backup. His cardigans, imo, can't be beat. 
  I'm dying for one of the drop shoulder jackets. It fits my style perfectly. I didn't score it in time in small and he didn't continue it after two or so seasons. Guess we had to make room for very-1995 lands end turtlenecks and jnco jeans.
 I saw this and got butthurt. "No, you fool!"  But yeah, I feel you. Real alpha problems.
 As a Nationalist who looks like one, I agree. His jackets undersized on me, with his standard jeans and pants tapered an inch for a 6.5 opening are spot on. Lookin' cute, feelin' cute. I'd like to see him continue refining and offering slight variation on are the standard jeans, pants, club collar shirt, SS buttondown, shawl cardigans (so good, esp in technical fabric), his blazers look great but are hard to move in so I suffer in silence.   Bring back:Knit polo, but with...
 I think it looks great. I wear my jackets slightly undersized because I like that look. I wouldn't size up. As long as you don't feel all "fat guy in a little coat" I think you should keep it.
Yeah, it's for short guys with tall-guy bodies... If that makes sense.
My body type is unusual: 5'9, 31" inseam, small waist, broadish shoulders, athletic slim build, ectomorphic. You would assume things would fit but they don't. The Ervell cropped aesthetic and the general cut of his standard jeans (tapered an inch from the knee down) and formal pants (same) work better on me than anything else ever has. I constantly stalk grailed and ebay for older seasons and I actually have a great collection now. Just copped these off grailed:     
 As someone who's wardrobe is dominated by PE, and who has been shopping with him for almost a decade, I concur.  There have been some recent seasons that are childish, awkward, unattractive to me. It feels like an anti-sexual trend common of some Swedish brands. I just want the staples to remain in production and a more masculine feel to everything else. The annoying and obvious late nineties act lately isn't to my taste as baggy jnco jeans with sketchers isn't my...
Standard jeans this season fit really well. Might buy a backup. If anybody has a drop shoulder jacket in black or grey in size small, let me know if you want to sell.
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