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 I think it looks great. I wear my jackets slightly undersized because I like that look. I wouldn't size up. As long as you don't feel all "fat guy in a little coat" I think you should keep it.
Yeah, it's for short guys with tall-guy bodies... If that makes sense.
My body type is unusual: 5'9, 31" inseam, small waist, broadish shoulders, athletic slim build, ectomorphic. You would assume things would fit but they don't. The Ervell cropped aesthetic and the general cut of his standard jeans (tapered an inch from the knee down) and formal pants (same) work better on me than anything else ever has. I constantly stalk grailed and ebay for older seasons and I actually have a great collection now. Just copped these off grailed:     
 As someone who's wardrobe is dominated by PE, and who has been shopping with him for almost a decade, I concur.  There have been some recent seasons that are childish, awkward, unattractive to me. It feels like an anti-sexual trend common of some Swedish brands. I just want the staples to remain in production and a more masculine feel to everything else. The annoying and obvious late nineties act lately isn't to my taste as baggy jnco jeans with sketchers isn't my...
Standard jeans this season fit really well. Might buy a backup. If anybody has a drop shoulder jacket in black or grey in size small, let me know if you want to sell.
Does anybody want to sell their Ervell track pants (size 30)?   I ordered a pair of track pants off of grailed and USPS delivered them to the wrong house or someone stole them off my porch. 
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...   ...   ... What does everyone think of the Spring 2016 collection..?   ...   ...
Someone just dropped a few desirable Ervell pieces on grailed. Sizes are small and xs. 
 I wear mine undersized and I altered the sleeve to be a little shorter. That's a hard piece to pull off. Just something about it. 
Found shoes that work with Ervell well. I bought a pair. They're the derbies by A. Sauvage. Yoox has them for a decent price. They're not beaters, though. The sole isn't that tough. I purchased a pair and they're great. Might buy a backup pair.  
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