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Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...   ...   ... What does everyone think of the Spring 2016 collection..?   ...   ...
Someone just dropped a few desirable Ervell pieces on grailed. Sizes are small and xs. 
 I wear mine undersized and I altered the sleeve to be a little shorter. That's a hard piece to pull off. Just something about it. 
Found shoes that work with Ervell well. I bought a pair. They're the derbies by A. Sauvage. Yoox has them for a decent price. They're not beaters, though. The sole isn't that tough. I purchased a pair and they're great. Might buy a backup pair.  
 Man I'm pretty sure most orders go through just fine. 
streets of rage 2 soundtrack.
I wish Ervell would make shoes. I want Frankenstein shoes that don't look like rockabilly creepers. 
 Who the eff traded you a BO'd sweater?
Hmmm. Did you wash them using anything specific?
  No easy task. I wear nothing but, have a big ol' bubble butt and wear my stuff pretty hard and they've held up really well. How often do you wear them? Ride a bike by chance?
New Posts  All Forums: