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Any chance you could get a pic of the waist being measured?   This is the weird guy cut correct?
 No no no no no the slub stantons are unsanforized!  Go up at least one size, I went up two.
Are there any olive project jackets in a size 38 left? I'd like to exchange my size 40.
There is no equivalent to the grand indigo, the one's being mentioned are close, but not the same color.
looks like weird guy sashiko
  I'm getting a page not found error on the site :(
Some closer pictures of the slub stanton fabric for those interested.  Unfortunately I have to size up 1 so I'll post more after I exchange these and soak my new ones.    
If I purchase the BOM006 can I re enter?
You gonna rock the 003 tux this winter??
I'm out too, just don't fit anymore, can't do anything about that.  Got a pair of PBJ 12s instead.
New Posts  All Forums: