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Any chance you could get a pic of the waist being measured?   This is the weird guy cut correct?
 No no no no no the slub stantons are unsanforized!  Go up at least one size, I went up two.
There is no equivalent to the grand indigo, the one's being mentioned are close, but not the same color.
looks like weird guy sashiko
  I'm getting a page not found error on the site :(
Some closer pictures of the slub stanton fabric for those interested.  Unfortunately I have to size up 1 so I'll post more after I exchange these and soak my new ones.    
If I purchase the BOM006 can I re enter?
You gonna rock the 003 tux this winter??
I'm out too, just don't fit anymore, can't do anything about that.  Got a pair of PBJ 12s instead.
I only remember the oni collab being unsanforized.  The okayama spirit coming out soon will be unsanforized though.
New Posts  All Forums: