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Had these sitting in the closet for a while.  Definitely a little beat up, small tear in the crotch, scratch on the knee and some fraying down near the cuffs. 6/10 It's tagged 28 and the length is unaltered. The color is a dark grey some might even say black hopefully can get some kind of idea from the pictures.  Would say the close ups show the color better. $125 all inclusive (shipping and paypal fees) If you're international and shipping is really bad...
I dunno I find my Dior MIJ raws and APCs raws to be similar maybe even the same denim.  Like my diors a lot more though to be honest.
No.  New Cure has a heavy taper until the knee then slightly flares out a bit.  It sounds a lot weirder on paper than it looks but I'm still not sure that's the cut for you.  Might want to try Acne Max Raw, in my experience the max cut fits somewhere between New Standard and Petit Standard and is slim/straight.
Maybe pbj 013 or 011? Hagg dude they wouldn't look like girls jeans if you would just sag them a bit. I promise it won't hurt (in fact may even relieve you) if you pull them down below your belly button.   He's only got 126 posts and most of them are fits so there you go.
Damn really?  I love that leaf logo.
Acne Max Cash
I don't know anything about that Urban Outfitters stuff that's something weird.  Just go to Barney's and try them on.  They have 3 cuts New Standard, Petit Standard and New Cure.  So just try on one of each of those and see which one you like best and size down 2 from your Levi's size they should be really tight at first (barely able to button the top button) because the waist stretches out a bunch.  Any of the APC jeans you find at Barney's should be the real deal and...
There's pretty much no reason not to get APC's in this scenario.  Might have to jump up your budget by $20 bucks or so if you can only buy them from Barney's but it's worth it.  If you are not some huge denim nerd and just want to look good APCs are the absolute best thing below $200 bucks and at the very least a top contender below $300.   If you're really stuck in your budget you can opt for Naked & Famous.  Really good stuff for the price there but cuts aren't as...
@noobizor   Just not 2 bro.  Whatever else is cool.
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