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how about pics of bottom?
Custom Press Board - This is the perfect board for pressing ANYTHING in your wardrobe! This custom press board is made for - suit jackets, sports coats, trousers, dress shirts and any other fabric you need pressed. These dimensions are custom so that any garment can easily be pressed or ironed with this board. The board measures 30" long by 10.5" high and 5" at one end and 7" at the other. These are the dimensions used by custom and master tailors. This is truly an...
    lee_44106, can you give me an example of "SIZED" braces?  It seems the places I've searched (Thurston has options for small, medium and large) (Trafalgar doesn't give an option for size, from their classic line up to their limited edition series).   So what in terms of size are you referring to?  Width of band, length of suspender or something else I may be missing?   Thanks!
    Off My Rack - yes, these will be custom made, so I will have some versatility and options when heading to the tailor.  I like the idea of side tabs, and no - these will not have loops.
    Holdfast, I have considered side-adjusters, but I'm concerned about the trousers looking exceedingly weird without a belt.  Infact, this has been my sole 'hangup' on going the beltless route to this point.  The vast majority of the time, I'll be with and around people that do not take pride in their clothing as I do.  So, should I find myself in a scenario when I lose the jacket or simply where a dress shirt with a side adjuster trouser, will I be noticed in the...
    Very much so, thank you!!
I think I'm ready to take a new direction with my odd trousers - I've often considered braces, but now I'm ready to head to my master tailor and have him start on a pair for me.   Any suggestions on button placement?  What is the general practice on waistband button installation, should these be on the inside or outside of the band?  Does this depend on the build of the person wearing them or is it more of a personal taste?  I think I would like mine on the outside,...
  I've had these Lubbocks a while now and continue to get compliments with people that have already seen them and from complete strangers.  A wonderful casual rough pair of shoes!!   AE nailed this one!  
I just posted about wanting these not long ago, these are very very nice!!    
I agree, the C&Js are nice!  This one is nice too -     Thanks for the info and education on these Testudo, one question though - what is the difference between an austerity wingtip and a medallion-less wingtip?   Sorry for the ignorance.   Sanguis - much appreciate the lead on the EG Beaulieu, i'll check them soon!    
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