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Hello, I'm curious as to what started appearing on my AE Lubbocks while shining.  Is this something that can be rectified/reversed or is this part of the leather now?   It seemed the more I attempted to buff with water, Saphir and my cotton cloth, the worse and more widespread it became.   Is there a name or term as to what's happening to the leather during my shining/buffing process?  This hasn't happened to these pairs of shoes prior to now and I'm wondering...
Merry Christmas to me!!    
Why get a C&J shoe from Foster and Son rather than getting a C&J shoe.  Does C&J do something different to shoes made for other retailers?  Why not just get the C&J shoe rather than having the shoe made for a retailer for them to simply put their name on it?   In other words.... if this is an accurate description of what's going on:  If a camera store named Campbells sells cameras, but Nikon is making the camera and Campbells is simply putting their name on it, why not...
Does anyone know whether this is a C&J or and EG?  Also, what advantage do I have on purchasing a shoe from a retailer that has C&J or EG make them a pair of shoes?  Am I saving a little money, if not, then why not purchase a C&J or an EG?     Thanks!!
you didn't leave it out, it's in your first sentence.
same jackets - new shirt from recommendations on this thread.   Thanks gentelmen, very helpful suggestions on the shirt color!!  
Here's an update with a couple new ties with my rust sports jacket, as well as one of my other favorite Autumn/Winter jackets.  Do any of these stand out better than the others?   Thanks for the tie recommendation unbelragazzo, I like it a lot!!          
good advice on tugging the jacket just before the shot as well as getting up from sitting down etc. etc., this will certainly ensure a nice clean fit with no space between the jacket and shirt collar.   Are you referring to a check or stripe or some sort of pattern when suggesting a textured shirt or something a little more subtle, but more than a solid?   Thanks for the suggestions!!
Looking for suggestions in color combinations of a shirt and tie to coordinate with my new rust colored sports jacket.  I'm half and half on the lavender accents.   Thank you!  
Is it acceptable to wear my brace trousers without the braces?  I have side tabs to allow me to snug them.  There are some days I just don't want or need to wear a coat.   I almost exclusively wear my brace trousers with a jacket to hide my braces, but I'd like an opinion on the faux paus angle.   Thanks!!
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