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How much is this in US $ and how do I find out an easier way rahter than having to post in the forum?   £131.45.
recondite - very helpful and insightful, much appreciate the detailed/elaborate explanation of what works, what doesn't work and what could work with my photo.
Awesome, I like the dark green wool tie suggestion.  I wasn't looking to match what I had in my wardrobe because chances are - I don't possess what the recommendation is.
Instead of only listing what doesn't work, make suggestions of what does as well.
The tie is wool - and can be found here   I'll try a solid shirt soon, thanks for liking the tie.  I adore it and I look for an excuse to wear this one, more than any other tie I own!
......with that shirt?
Should 1 of the three items be a solid (shirt, tie or waistcoat)?  Just curious if the check pattern is redundant or if this ensemble is not-so-pleasing to the eye.  Are colors/patterns fighting each other here?   Thank you  
Christmas gift!  
Just curious whether the tie should 'peek' through at the bottom of a waistcoat or should it be concealed and just be seen above?    
Thanks, I was trying to get more than just the casual look out of these.  When these are buffed to a nice sheen, they can be worn the the nicest pair of slacks and odd jacket I've got.  I'm just trying to get more bang out of my buck on these.   These do look awesome dressed down with jeans and a sports shirt, I may just have to keep them for what they're intended for.   Thanks again!!
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