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 Mike sir, would any other fabric match Wool-Mink-Cashmere super heavyweight in terms of weight? If no, which one would be number two, and would it keep warmth in much worse?
Guys, will EFF offer choice on inseam length? That would be cool, and if that were to be true, could you please advise me on optimal inseam length? I am 5'6"/7" (or 169/170 cm) tall and am thinking inseam of 30 would be my best bet. I know some dudes have longer legs, and some have shorter, but I would consider my "pair" to be fairly, well, standard for my height. Inseam of 30 shouldn't be too short in my case, right? I think some rather tall gents wear EP trousers with an...
Ha, you see sir, someone in England, at the very beginning, screwed something up - and today every English user is never sure, when coming across a new word, how to pronounce it. There should be regularity between spelling and pronunciation, no? :-)
When I get enough Epaulet items (which will not be anytime soon, with my meagre Polish income, and with such a strong US dollar -_-), I will also make a video review of them and you'll give me feedback on my English, guys :-).
If this was Medium!... doh...
 If these were 9.5, I would initiate the negotiations ... By the way, does anyone have a pair of Brooklyn store sale Aldens in 9.5 that's he's willing to part with?... Or, for that matter, a Medium leather jacket?
 Same thing on my mind; AFAIK nobody volunteered .
 Why oh why can't this be online; boy, do I need an Epaulet leather jacket, and shoes that start with "A." ... *chlip* (translation from my Slavic mother tongue: *sniff*)
Edit: nevermind, I guess I posted too broad of a question... I'd best use the search function.
Regarding yesterday's Sample Trouser Sale and out of curiosity - was there any pair in size 32? Should I start kicking myself?... I have a very special talent of finding out about all such events exactly *right after* they end .
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