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Ha, you see sir, someone in England, at the very beginning, screwed something up - and today every English user is never sure, when coming across a new word, how to pronounce it. There should be regularity between spelling and pronunciation, no? :-)
When I get enough Epaulet items (which will not be anytime soon, with my meagre Polish income, and with such a strong US dollar -_-), I will also make a video review of them and you'll give me feedback on my English, guys :-).
If this was Medium!... doh...
 If these were 9.5, I would initiate the negotiations ... By the way, does anyone have a pair of Brooklyn store sale Aldens in 9.5 that's he's willing to part with?... Or, for that matter, a Medium leather jacket?
 Same thing on my mind; AFAIK nobody volunteered .
 Why oh why can't this be online; boy, do I need an Epaulet leather jacket, and shoes that start with "A." ... *chlip* (translation from my Slavic mother tongue: *sniff*)
Edit: nevermind, I guess I posted too broad of a question... I'd best use the search function.
Regarding yesterday's Sample Trouser Sale and out of curiosity - was there any pair in size 32? Should I start kicking myself?... I have a very special talent of finding out about all such events exactly *right after* they end .
Man, I really need to do that pączki video. And present some other specialties of Polish cuisine. Thanks for that compelling explanation Michigan Planner - skimmed through it... gonna trudge through it again in a few hours . Here's a silly clip of mine as a thank you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAqKsO9J5dU If you like cats and have exactly one minute to spare, then you might as well give the video a shot :-).   *** To not derail the thread completely - I would like...
 Doing my every-once-in-a-while look-through of the thread and I come across this strangely familiar looking photo... First thought: these aren't American donuts... They are *identical* to our Polish pączki. And indeed they are pączki! Exactly one week ago we had Fat Thursday down here, when these are the main dish of the day :-). Are you by any chance of Polish origin Michigan Planner? So happy to find a bit of Poland in such thoroughly American space . This has given me...
New Posts  All Forums: