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 I would wear a black grenadine to a job interview, depending somewhat on the job of course. Black ties are also great for evening wear when the dress code is not officially black tie. Maybe an event doesn't call for a dinner jacket/tux, few do anymore - a good way to still have some of the evening formality is a black tie, along with a white shirt and a dark navy suit. I think this is a great look for non-dinner jacket evening events.
 But nobody is saying you shouldn't buy a navy tie in favor of a black tie, or that black is more versatile than navy. I think if the question were "I could only buy one tie", I think the board would be close to unanimous in favor of navy. And the question you pose, wouldn't navy look as good as black in nearly any situation, couldn't that apply to so many other ties? Why buy brown, or purple, or grey ties when navy does the job just about as well as most of those...
A tangent to the black tie versatility discussion - could a case be made that midnight blue is actually more versatile than the black? I have Hober grenadines in both and I find myself wearing the midnight blue much more often. It seems like the midnight blue could serve in a pinch in formal situations and is a bit less harsh in regular wear. I think having one of either is a key staple in a tie wardrobe, but which? 
If you wear a lot of blue shirts, and especially if you wear navy suits or jackets often, brown is a great tie color. I actually prefer something like a Hober bitter chocolate grenadine to the redder burgundy. A brown with light blue stripes or dots also looks great. They don't go with white shirts or grey jackets, so they're not quite as versatile as burgundy, but brown goes so well with blue, I'd consider a top 5 contender.    For example, from MalfordOfLondon in the...
  These are staged photographs for commercial use. Real people in real life rarely have their squares so razor-precise for more than a few minutes at a time. If' you're having issues with the size of the pocket, fold the square differently or stuff something in the bottom of the pocket to effectively shrink it. But you'll have to accept that nothing you can do will consistently make the square stand with that kind of staged precision all day. Accept that it's okay that...
I picked #4 because I thought it was the one that looked the most similar to this:       Which I think is probably the best buttondown collar roll picture I've ever seen.
  It's an awful lot of stripes but I think the colors go great together. The square is great.
I personally am a huge fan of the dark purple/black. It's got an incredible sheen to it that changes as the light changes across it. I love grenadines in general, but because of the dark purple/black combo, the texture seems even more active than most grenadines. I'd recommend getting swatches and including the grossa dark purple/black.
Will Drake's ever restock their Valentine's Day pocket squares? I saw just a picture of this one but I can't find it for sale anywhere and I am worried that the window has closed.   
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