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 Seriously. With a Hober, you don't have to spell out the basics. Tell them what you want and trust them to make it for you. 
 This is a very good list. I would encourage considering replacing the burgundy with dots with a different pattern, a brown ground neat pattern or something, but in general, this is eight ties that would cover basically every need. 
Cashmere status update - looks like we'll have quite a few options over the next few months:  And all this in addition to the challis already in stock! 
Here's the webarchive link:
The purple/black grenadine weaves that Hober sells are fantastic.     One hand, dark and sober and soporific. But when the light catches it and the purple comes out, it looks fantastic and full of life. A really top notch purple tie.
The purple/black grossa has even more of a two-color thing going, because of the bigger weave. It really changes color based on light and angle of viewing - it's quite a sight. My second most worn tie after navy grenadine. 
 Just to confirm, tdude's post is the burnt orange oxford weave? I had been planning to wait until the wool/cashmeres came online for a purchase, but this may be bumping up into that order.
I'd imagine that the cream grenadine grossa square would work. The weave might be a little too prominent with grossa, though.  
 I'm very excited about this because I'm going to be filling out my winter tie collection this year. I had been planning on buying mostly Hober wool challis, but wool/cashmeres will present an intriguing other option. It may be tough to decide which to go with.
 I'm 6'2" and I wear 60" ties from Hober. That's probably a little longer than I really need, but you'll probably want at least 58" or 59". Be aware that grenadines will stretch a little over time, but by less than an inch. Edit: And a 3" tie that long will look way skinny. 3.5" is a safe choice, I'm a big guy so I do 3.75" in width. It doesn't need to match your lapels exactly, but it should be close.
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