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  Definitely won't be used as a technical bag. Trying to find something that might fill that void for weekend trips and be a decent carry-on for flights.    I don't mind the traditional "weekender" type bags (with a handle as opposed to a backpack) but I've seen even fewer of those at price points that don't break the bank. Those strike me as something that I should save up for a buy a quality leather one.
Thinking about getting a backpack for the weekends when I'm out.    Think I narrowed it down to either the Fjallraven Vintage 20L:       Or the Herschel Little America:     Anyone have any opinions on either? Or any other recommendations on other types?
Trying to buy some Gant Rugger and/or Gant By Michael Bastian polo shirts in size medium.   Americans seem to be able to pick this stuff up really cheap however in Canada the pricing is pretty steep.   Let me know what you've got!
Pics on the Brooks suit? Condition?
Waist measurements? (Sometimes the summer chinos measure bigger than tagged)
Hey guys,   Was thinking about picking up my first pair of APCs and had a quick question:   Do they work for a casual office environment? Typically I wear button downs with Epaulet trousers and a sportcoat to work, just a little curious if you guys wear yours to work with a tucked in shirt?   Thanks!
Quick question, is the Harry Rosen on Bloor the only place in Toronto to get a look at the RRL stuff in person? Also, how do their prices fare against U.S. retailers? Still cheaper to over from the states?
I bought this jacket a couple of months ago on Mr. Porter. It's quickly become my go to jacket as it works with pretty much everything.   I think based on those measurements you should be able to wear a small pretty comfortably, however double check with the measurements on Mr. Porter to verify. 
  Gotta say I just stepped out on my lunch break in my cuffed caramel ducks and people definitely noticed the herringbone. Catches them off guard for sure.   Still haven't run into anyone in Epaulets here either. Can't wait until that day happens where I'm speaking with a stranger about my (our) pants on the street. Ha.
WAS $450 then $400 then $350 now $300!! Let's get rid of this sucker!!   Really need this gone asap.   Recently bought this leather varsity bomber made by Levi's Made & Crafted off Park and Bond however due to their impossible return/exchange policy I can't size up. Anyways, my sizing error is your gain! Looking to get $300+shipping. This jacket that has never been worn except to try on (and only to realize it is too small).   Measurements: P2P:...
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