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  Definitely more street, any suggestions?
Anyone have any thoughts about the best places to pick up new socks? I usually prefer something outside the typical black/brown combo. Corgi's seem interesting but $30-$40 a pair seems steep. Thoughts?
Cross post from the Epaulet forum...Probably more MC but the whole thing seems less formal so:   Tie/Shirt: J Crew Blazer: APC Pants: Epaulet  Shoes: Nordstom's 1901   Sorry for the poor photo quality, first time taking a self shot
Cross-post from the Epaulet thread, probably more MC than streetwear but MC strikes me as very stuffy...   Anyways: Shirt/Tie: J Crew Blazer: APC Trousers: Epaulet Shoes: Nordstroms 1901   Sorry about the picture quality...first time I've done this  
Going to be a warm one in Toronto today, thought I'd take my racing green walts out for a spin (don't judge too harshly, I'm not as photographically inclined as some of you!)  
I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the fees if Canada Post is delivering either eh? What a racket... 
Question for all the Canadian Alden wearers....   I'm in Toronto and didn't have any luck finding a pair of Indy's so I resorted to ordering them from the States (Need Supply to be correct). Found out today that I'm going to get dinged for $74 in duty when they are delivered today. I'm no expert but since Alden boots are manufactured in the States doesn't that apply under NAFTA as a "duty-free" item? I can understand if you're a border guard and it isn't noted that...
Not an APC denim question but I do have a question about an APC blazer from the new Spring Summer line.   The measurements on this item from Porter and Context seem to be wildly different (especially in the sleeve length), would Porter's measurements be the one to go with?   Mr. Porter: http://www.mrporter.com/product/181438   Context: http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=2847   I guess further to the point, anyone have any comments about the...
New guy here, thought I'd drop by. I'm a film planner and analyst for one of the biggest film studios here in Canada. My years of cinema geekdom feel somewhat justified...
Hey Everyone,   I'm Elliott from Toronto. Been reading this forum for way too long, thought it's time to sign up. Lots of good advice floating around here, hope to contribute some too!
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