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Got a couple of oxfords a month ago, best damned shirts ever.    Blue oxford here:  
Any Canadians have any experience with getting hit for duties when ordering from Unionmade? 
So with some Fall/Winter 2012 details and pieces trickling out I was wondering if anyone has decided to make any resolutions for the upcoming season and apply any lessons from years past. This isn't necessarily a no-kop thread, but I think it'd be interesting to share everyone's take on where they want to take their style, or what they want to try, or lessons learned in the past and how it will affect any upcoming buys.   Personally, I'm really thinking of...
Really like that hooded trench in the back of a few photos. That thing looks like it's built like a tank. Any comment about the weight of it?
  Definitely won't be used as a technical bag. Trying to find something that might fill that void for weekend trips and be a decent carry-on for flights.    I don't mind the traditional "weekender" type bags (with a handle as opposed to a backpack) but I've seen even fewer of those at price points that don't break the bank. Those strike me as something that I should save up for a buy a quality leather one.
Thinking about getting a backpack for the weekends when I'm out.    Think I narrowed it down to either the Fjallraven Vintage 20L:       Or the Herschel Little America:     Anyone have any opinions on either? Or any other recommendations on other types?
Trying to buy some Gant Rugger and/or Gant By Michael Bastian polo shirts in size medium.   Americans seem to be able to pick this stuff up really cheap however in Canada the pricing is pretty steep.   Let me know what you've got!
Pics on the Brooks suit? Condition?
Waist measurements? (Sometimes the summer chinos measure bigger than tagged)
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