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  Does anyone know if these will be available online? Need to track down a proxy to Canada.
Sent you a PM
More winter-related talk...   Anyone have any suggestions for a warm parka for the winter without the bulk, something like a Sierra Designs 60/40 jacket without the price?
Jacket was from APC
Blazer: APC Shirt: Epaulet Tie: J Crew Pants: McNairyxGap Shoes: Grenson        
Picked up the McNairy cargos, I really like them, nice slim fit and pretty solid construction:      
Up for grabs is a great mid-weight sweater from Howlin' by Morrison - the Harvey stripe, a fisherman's style sweater. Warm enough under a jacket and pretty solid for the autumn and winter.   I bought this and just never wore it, so it sat in the closet folded. This is tagged a large with P2P measurements of 21", it has a good fit so if you're a large typically in shirts this should work well.   Feel free to make me an offer!     Shipping is free in Canada,...
Anyone have any opinions on jackets similar to this Belstaff? I regret not buying it but I think it has everything I'm after in a fall/early winter jacket:    http://www.styleforum.net/t/314319/belstaff-brad-large-fits-slim-like-us-40r-leather-jacket-nwt-700-shipped-italy
Any ETA when the Weller Super 120s navy sports coat will be back in stock? Looking for a size 40 (or...if anyone has one they want to part with...let me know!)
The logical side of me understands the difficulties of Canadian retailers importing goods into the country and the extra costs incurred, however there is the consumer part of me that screams "I'm getting screwed!" by some of these prices.
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