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While we're still talking sneakers - Mike, I have to ask to quell my future worries...will you ever sell replacement laces for the unfinished horsehide sneakers? Just paranoid that one day I'll snap them, and replacements are never quite the same!   Thanks
Agreed, seconded on the green check. 
Not sure if anyone saw, but 3Sixteen is unleashing a Schott collaboration tomorrow. Bit of a revamp of the 519, looks pretty good.     Details here
Question for the Canadians out there (and in turn @Epaulet) who may have ordered in the last couple of months...were you dinged for customs at all?   No one's fault, and I'm not complaining, but I did notice on my last Individualized shirt order that I get dinged by Canada Post. The shipping label looked different (from Shopify?) with a full value retail price. Just wondering if that's part of the new shipping structure going forward? Can't fault the practice, I'd hate...
Thinking about getting a proper spring trench that won't be too heavy but can still fight off the rain.   Would love to get one of these Mackintoshes (below), however it ain't in the budget, any suitable suggestions around the $300-ish mark?
Winter's coming, and its time to get a decent winter boot - anyone have any suggestions for something that can do double duty with streetwear and a suit (sometimes)? Was thinking the Red Wing 875 but those are apparently atrocious on snow and ice. 
Can anyone comment on the traction sole on the 875s? More curious about how it holds up in the winter time in the snow and on ice. Any thoughts appreciated!   Thanks!
Any suggestions on who to contact for a Uniqlo U.S. webstore proxy? Really debating the 4way as my winter parka this year, need to get it shipped to Toronto.
Hi,   I need to pick up a few items from Uniqlo U.S. and shipped to Toronto - anyone available to proxy for me?   Thanks
Trying to nail down my autumn/winter boots and had a question about people's experience with the 875s and winter use - how's the grip on icy sidewalks? Also, how do the vibram soles hold up to cold temps? No cracking or anything like that right?
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