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Pics and price? 
Sample sale on Saturday?   As a Canuck coming in for Thanksgiving, this excites me terribly. Any details you can share?
 That's a third to Toronto for me! Yeesh, feels like we all could've said some dough on shipping!
Question for all owners of shawls from previous seasons. What kind of mileage are you getting out of these? No doubt they are well-built, but more in regards to styling, etc. Just curious if it was one of those pieces that was better in theory than practice. 
Really debating the Peached Twill Ocean Gingam in but in a popover, maybe with an artisan collar. Too much? Maybe swap out for standard button down?    Mike - any advice how the Peached Twill will wash, also, for popovers, is the pattern adjusted slightly accommodate getting into the shirt, or should I order up a size? Medium fits me well but I'd be concerned about wiggling into something with no buttons. 
Great stuff! Would love to get a better look at the MC jacket!
While we're still talking sneakers - Mike, I have to ask to quell my future worries...will you ever sell replacement laces for the unfinished horsehide sneakers? Just paranoid that one day I'll snap them, and replacements are never quite the same!   Thanks
Agreed, seconded on the green check. 
Not sure if anyone saw, but 3Sixteen is unleashing a Schott collaboration tomorrow. Bit of a revamp of the 519, looks pretty good.     Details here
New Posts  All Forums: