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Have for sale a brand new pair of Meermin Penny Loafers in Light Brown. Wore them only once to try for size - they didn't fit me very well.   *Shoe trees not included   The wait time on these from Meermin's website is about a month or so, I will ship these out immediately once payment is received.    Will absorb shipping costs if shipping within the UK.   PM me!
I'm quite surprised no one has mentioned yet. They have quite a wide selection of what the OP is looking for, and at $15 a tie they're pretty much a steal. Quality is probably not terribly great, but you can't really complain at that price.
Yeah I did manage to find out about these, but as a stop-gap measure, would it be advisable to simply stick a shoe tree I use for my other pairs of shoes into them for a bit? I reckon that these might also have the effect of stretching out the leather in the right parts.
Hey guys, I have a quick question.   I recently ordered a pair of AE Westchesters in 8.5D. They got here today. I tried them on and my left foot fits in them just fine, but my right is a tad too tight for comfort. I realise that this is probably because I've never noticed that my right foot is slightly bigger than my left. That being said, is there any way I can mitigate this problem without having to go a half-size up? Am wondering if the leather in the right side...
Yup. I'm aware that Ed Et Al has just launched their new collection. Took a look at their new stuff but can't help but get the impression that almost none of their new models can really be worn as a "staple". They all pretty much scream "statement pieces" to me, with the colours and all.   This thread was made some time ago so I've actually since already had a suit made. Regrettably, it's black, but as I've found out the courts in Singapore are pretty strict about...
They're pretty good from what I know. Suits start at SGD950
Toms? I've had two pairs for about a year now and wear them very regularly - they're holding up pretty well. Inexpensive too.
Was also thinking about the RB2132 initially because it seemed to fit my face slightly better than the 2140, but the whole reason I decided to get a pair was for that classic look - so it had to be the 2140 in the end. I'd probably go with the black with the 2132 though.
I actually just bought myself a wayfarer too. Was torn between the Black and Tortoise like you are - but went for Tortoise in the end. I feel its an interesting twist to the black ones that are being copied by other brands. I'm not sure about the New Wayfarer, but on the RB2140 (Original Wayfarer), the Tortoise still looks kinda Black - you'd have to really look to tell it isn't. 
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