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Quick one...how much of a difference is there between the E and F widths in the TG73 last? A little, a lot or somewhere in between?
Well, working in the financial industry precludes wearing such shoes for work, and a limited budget preludes buying (and wearing) such shoes anywhere else! Lol!They are, at least, interesting. I have my own opinions, but am interested to hear (read) yours.
    +1000.  We all spend a not insignificant amount of money  on shoes, and the extra weight (hopefully, no excess luggage charges) are a necessary evil in order to ensure that they last as long as possible.   I usually bring two pairs of shoes for my two-night trips, and three pairs for week-long ones.  I always bring the proper trees for the shoes.  I know that this is a G&G thread, but the best trees are those provided by St. Crispins - they're lasted, and hollowed out...
what  a bargain!  half a size lower.....   good luck!
I may have just discovered SF a few months ago, but I think that is one beautiful coat!
ok, well that lets me out - living in Singapore and travelling around Asia, that is probably not the best suit to wear. sent you a PM for the other suit though!  
PM sent
Is that spring-fall-winter?  what's the fabric weight like?  
gorgeous Crat!  yes please, glove AND scarf deets!
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