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I have both Vass and SC, one of each, the Vass MTO and the SC RTW. The SC fits better, and feels to provide more support, likely due to the narrower waist. The sole looks to be done better, and for the pairs that I specifically own, the overall quality and finish seem to be better. Of course, this is reflected in the price point.It really depends on what you are willing to pay and, maybe more importantly, what you want.My 2c.
I have a 91/2 F in the 105. How would a 10E in the same last fit?
Quick one...how much of a difference is there between the E and F widths in the TG73 last? A little, a lot or somewhere in between?
Well, working in the financial industry precludes wearing such shoes for work, and a limited budget preludes buying (and wearing) such shoes anywhere else! Lol!They are, at least, interesting. I have my own opinions, but am interested to hear (read) yours.
    +1000.  We all spend a not insignificant amount of money  on shoes, and the extra weight (hopefully, no excess luggage charges) are a necessary evil in order to ensure that they last as long as possible.   I usually bring two pairs of shoes for my two-night trips, and three pairs for week-long ones.  I always bring the proper trees for the shoes.  I know that this is a G&G thread, but the best trees are those provided by St. Crispins - they're lasted, and hollowed out...
what  a bargain!  half a size lower.....   good luck!
I may have just discovered SF a few months ago, but I think that is one beautiful coat!
ok, well that lets me out - living in Singapore and travelling around Asia, that is probably not the best suit to wear. sent you a PM for the other suit though!  
PM sent
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