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I know I know.  I had the pin on when I bought the suit, and just left it there.  Probably not a good move, eh?
socks, chinos, boxer briefs?  maybe shorts for the summer?  casual belts?
  And just when you thought it was safe to go to bed:     Would appreciate feedback gents.  Have at it.
Beautiful jacket! A bit out of the budget for now. GLWTS!
I agree.  you take the rules, and see what is appropriate for your circumstances, while still being aware that the rules are there. I think that this comment is neither here nor there.  What Makoto said was that he didn't feel 'pushed around or belittled' by the rules, not that he dismissed them, or found them ridiculous.  He even said 'rules that he learned', implying that he read the information, took it in and went on with his life.  I believe he was speaking about...
For my SCa, they actually fit perfectly! . Especially compared to my G&G which are really, REALLY tight!I'll try...firstly, the leather seems to be of higher quality. There are a lot of finishes and burnishing effects available. Mine are 105s made of crust leather, and they are beautiful!For the broguing, SC use unique patterns.Design-wise, they both have great designs, so that's even between the two of them.For the sole? Vass uses JR soles as standard I believe,...
I have both Vass and SC, one of each, the Vass MTO and the SC RTW. The SC fits better, and feels to provide more support, likely due to the narrower waist. The sole looks to be done better, and for the pairs that I specifically own, the overall quality and finish seem to be better. Of course, this is reflected in the price point.It really depends on what you are willing to pay and, maybe more importantly, what you want.My 2c.
I have a 91/2 F in the 105. How would a 10E in the same last fit?
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