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Made in anywhere is fine. It's the 'it's made here, and not there, so it's better' that I noticed. Reading too much into it, you reckon?
Not sure How to feel about this that I saw on the net as a description for boot trees: Quote: The ........... Shoetree is intended for European-made shoes and features a "European" last style. Because these are crafted in France, instead of Asia, the finishing and consistency between pairs is incredible. Unquote I think that it is clear that the English, the Italians and the French have been making shoes, at least the shoes coveted and purchased by SF members, for much...
HateTHAT. I can empathize.
Some of the things making me happy (and thankful) right now: -Paying off some credit card debt! -finally got a mirror shine on a couple of shoes (boy, that takes some elbow grease!) -flying off to attend he wedding of a good friend - he was very ill, and now he's better -being able to train again, after a year of training through injuries Going for my first physical in five years at the end of the month...hopefully, will be even happier after that!
Either. For the later, you see them looking around for a place to wipe the snot off.Well, I guess doing it over a cow pattie wouldn't really make a big difference to the pattie!+1
a bit late to this thread, but I agree.  as a matter of fact, suglasses worn indoors anywhere, unless you've got conjuctivitis.   what about people blowing their nose, expelling liquid without a tissue (holding down one nostril at a time)?
ordered mine and counting down the days!  thanks Glen!
great shine there Glen!  how many coats of each did you apply, especially of the high shine wax?
No pun intended.Looks great gaz! Too bad we'll miss each other on your visit in match! In the meantime, keep those pics coming! Any other goodies?
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