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  How much larger did they turn out to be?  I've been thinking of ordering some loafers, but am afraid that I can't rely on my present Sc size, which is 91/2 F.   Thanks.
why couldn't these be a 10UK?
gorgeous!  I wish these were 10s!  
Part 2 of the closet cleaning!   Jackets and a suit - all entry level stuff in great shape, a couple are NWT.   First up, a fleece unlined jacket, sized large, single vent and working buttonholes on the sleeves!  Just something to throw on on cool, casual days and nights.  Just tried on a couple of times but it really didn't work for me. Sh-18 1/4 P2P-21 Sl-29 1/2 BoC-32 3/4   $50 shipped.   Next, a suit from Ted Baker's Endurance line.  Size 40R...
It has been a long time coming.  A few shoes that I've had that I either haven't worn, or only worn a few times.   First up, a couple of pairs of Ted Baker Chelseas - one black, one brown.  Both are sized UK 10, and come with their original boxes.     The black ones, I've worn maybe 4-6 times, and the brown ones are unworn.  $130 each, or both for $240 shipped.   A pair of Vass MTO in antique cognac, size 43.5G in the new Peter last.  Comes with box, lasted...
Just sent PM and money for: 16 of 32L 28 of 24L
I've purchased a couple of suits from aph999, and was very satisfied with the whole process AND the goods. Communication was excellent as well. He's got my vote. lol!
Nice! 4 months to go or me! Enjoy!That's great! ......and rare.Congrats! Pass over some of that magic, will you?
Standard operating procedure in our household.Something that's made me very happy today. A very, very good friend that was sick for a while, even almost died, has gotten better and is stable, and tonight I saw him get married to a great gal.
Made in anywhere is fine. It's the 'it's made here, and not there, so it's better' that I noticed. Reading too much into it, you reckon?
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