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I ordered the suede monks in the Ama last, and when I first tried them on, I panicked as they were tight!  But, after a little while, they seemed to relax and to be just snug.  Being suede, i expect them to stretch a bit more than just plain calf.   My question is that I am looking to order these:   http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=1967   And I see that the new Ray last seems a bit narrower.  I am a 10E in most shoes, EG's 888, and I found the 10 in the Olfe...
Thanks PB.  That's an interesting viewpoint.  I work in finance, and travel quite often to different countries for work.  While most people in my industry wear only black, as it has been pointed out here, among other places, that only black shoes can really be considered CBD, I've gone the other way, and mostly only wear brown, shades thereof, or even vintage cherry at work.  Since I work in Singapore, strict CBD rules do not really apply here, for a variety of...
nice shoe collection PB!  I especially like the austerity brogue.  I believe that CRU is crust, as mentioned.  The FUN ones have a bit more antiquing, and are 'less matte' in terms of finish.  I have a picture of the various swatches available in SC, and that looks to be the main difference.   Wurger,   Interesting...I used to wear nothing but black before, but now hardly wear black, whether it is for the office or for the weekend.  I think my proportion of no-black...
Amazing video, thanks!  Incredibly skilled hands - especially those that have the long polished nails.....   Can't wait until Feb when my MTO is here!
gorgeous shoes!  And it's great that you can get fitted for individual feet!  I've got to get that process done, if I can ever get to a trunk show!
these are so beautiful...wear them in good health! I love that sleek novello  last.  I am waiting for something from Made to Order - using the screwdriver last.  next project will definitely be this last....gorgeous!
HI   Apologies if I missed a post on this, but I haven't noticed a lot of information on the Uetam last.  I am thinking of pulling the trigger on the string loafer.  I am a 10E on G&G (MH71 & TG73) and EG (888), a 9.5F in Saint Crispin's (chiseled last).  Thing is, these are all lace-ups or monks.   Would a 10 in the Uetam be ok, or should I get 9.5?  I am cognizant of the fact that suede stretches more and nothing is worse than a loafer that's too big.   I also have...
+1.  Definite feel good factor there!  
Beautiful shoes!  The suede looks amazing!
Same.  Bought SCs and a couple of Cleverleys from them.  Excellent service.
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