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these are so beautiful...wear them in good health! I love that sleek novello  last.  I am waiting for something from Made to Order - using the screwdriver last.  next project will definitely be this last....gorgeous!
HI   Apologies if I missed a post on this, but I haven't noticed a lot of information on the Uetam last.  I am thinking of pulling the trigger on the string loafer.  I am a 10E on G&G (MH71 & TG73) and EG (888), a 9.5F in Saint Crispin's (chiseled last).  Thing is, these are all lace-ups or monks.   Would a 10 in the Uetam be ok, or should I get 9.5?  I am cognizant of the fact that suede stretches more and nothing is worse than a loafer that's too big.   I also have...
+1.  Definite feel good factor there!  
Beautiful shoes!  The suede looks amazing!
Same.  Bought SCs and a couple of Cleverleys from them.  Excellent service.
Yes, what???? When?
Bought mine here.....http://madetoorderparis.com/site/Denis can help with sizing and choosing a last. And the gallery has some amazing shoes!Thank you. I had been looking for this color for a while, and when I saw it, ok this is it! Very happy with them.Agreed. Also G&G and EG are still pretty good shoes. I love my St James in Vintage Cherry.
To her credit, she does...I think she's just given up, but needs to get on me for it every so often, usually when a package resembling a shoebox shows up at home!  I do explain to her that different shoes service different purposes and, naturally, there are the endless variations in leather, stitching, soles, etc.....
I first came across SC at Leather Soul in BH and took the plunge.  Simple 105s in a dark brown (brown-black).  I then found Denis at his Made to Order website, and took another plunge for an MTO, similar to one posted in an earlier post on this thread.  Below is a photo of the shoes that I ordered (and received).  Pic is from Denis' MTO gallery.  Fit was great, and service even better!  I am now in the process of ordering another MTO (a project suggested by Denis).  It...
I'm a bit late to this, but maybe I can offer some perspective.  I have these exact same shoes in the exact same last and size, and they fit fine.  Admittedly, after 12 hours, they are a bit snug.  The fact that they are not a closed throat probably helps.  I have two other G&Gs, the St James in 10F in the TG73, and the Windsor monk in !0E in the MH71 last.   The St James was a bit snug when I first started wearing them, but have now, dare I say it, broken in, and fit...
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