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These are my latest MTOs from Made to Order.  They're on their way, but I asked Denis to post a photograph, and this is what he put up.   They're on the screwdriver last, which I thought I'd try as I already have a couple on the chiseled last.  I can't wait to try these on!  will post pics when I get 'em!
Thanks Macs! I get a bit lazy, and usually only spray the shoes after they've already gotten wet!Really like these combos Cleav. Ah, suede!
Thanks carminas on the rain last.....speaking of rain, I like your combo there, but don't you have issues wearing suede in the rain? I live in Singapore where, except for the past 3 months, it rains a little bit everyday, in different parts of the city.I love suede but have often had to resort to breaking out my swims galoshes, or even taking off my suede loafers and walking barefoot in the rain!
Friday casual..... Love those dotted socks Cleav!
          Wow!  some nice ones there guys!
Thanks very much Cleav! much appreciated GC!
thanks Mimo!  First pair are Saint Crispin's 523 in fun oak calf and the second are G&Gs St James in vintage cherry.
Yesterday and today
WOW!  why couldn't we have the same shoe size?  those are gorgeous shoes!  why the sale?
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