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          Wow!  some nice ones there guys!
Thanks very much Cleav! much appreciated GC!
thanks Mimo!  First pair are Saint Crispin's 523 in fun oak calf and the second are G&Gs St James in vintage cherry.
Yesterday and today
WOW!  why couldn't we have the same shoe size?  those are gorgeous shoes!  why the sale?
that's VERY nice stitchy!
those are NICE!
Thank you very much for your help sir!
hi   I didn't get a response to my earlier post, so went ahead and ordered the string suede loafer on the Uetam last in 10.  It fit snug across the forefoot, although there was some slippage in the heel.  I wore it in the evening with my regular office socks, and was able to walk around comfortably.   I am now looking at one of two shell chukkas, lasted differently - one in the Rain last and one in the Simpson Bota last.  I have a bit of a bunion on my right foot (it...
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