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what he said
fit,finish and quality for me, personally.  in that order.
Since it's already Tuesday noon in Singapore, here here is my humble stripe entry for today's competition.
 yes sir!  will do.  
  Thanks gents!
i like!  what are the shoes Cleav?  And I'm in for the stripes!
Thanks meister!
congrats cleav!  well deserved!  and to the other contestants, bravo!  nice write up mimo - appreciate learning about the reasoning behind the decision.
thanks PB!  I have to admit, I've seen the top view of the screwdriver last in pictures before, and I was a bit hesitant.  They do look good in the picture, and I'm hoping IRL too!
like the socks HC! those carminas are fantastic jr!   B, love the red spotted hose!  Deets on the loafers please! loving those suede kicks stitchy!
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