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Nice! Wouldn't have anything in 40 or 42, would you?
Pm sent!
Tate, that is gorgeous!  you wouldn't have one in a 40 or 43 lying around, would you?   hope all is well.
what Gdot said.  Enjoy!
what about these?  EG Westminster in the 888 last in dark oak antique.  Beautiful shoes! (borrowed the pic from Malford - sorry)
Very nice IMHO...VERY humble! I like the way you've combined the different blue tones and the different textures as well....
Personally, I LIKE double monks!  And the colour, styling are great on these! As long as they fit, go, go go!   Enjoy, and post some pics with some socks and trous!
I use a shave oil - presently using origins - then I use clinique shave cream.  I like clinique because it's odor free - I can't stand the fragrance in hte products of other brands. For shave oil - I am thinking of switching to Kiel's or lab series or biotherm.  anyone here with any experience of those brands?  
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