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gorgeous shirts!  too many nice things - my wallet's taking a beating!
I wish I was smaller!
Hi. I'm interests in this . Are the sleeve buttons functional or can they be made functional? What would your best price be for conus ? For Singapore? Thanks. Sorry my phone's browser is not supporting pms . Maybe you can pm me your response?
do you have any measurements of the outsole - width and length?
Thanks.  Always trying to stretch the shoe dollar, and if the difference is incremental, but the price difference huge, then you have to ask yourself if it's worth it?  Not having George or Anthony Cleverley, I wouldn't know and am looking for advice!
Sorry, but the RTW for George Cleverley is C&J?  I'm a bit confused.  Cleverley has RTW, semi bespoke and bespoke.  I am just looking at the RTW lines of GC, and just wondering if there are features - materials, craftsmanship - that merit the high price?
Don't know if this is the correct forum, but are George or Anthony Cleverleys worth the premium?  They are about the same as St Crispins in some cases, but their RTW is more expensive even than G&Gs MTO porgramme!  Is there something that makes them woth the price?
Great looking suit!
whew!  my wallet is relieved it's not a 40R!  Nice looking suit!  Good luck with the sale!
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