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  sure, post 'em!   I find that, in this economy, the objective is the sale, rather than service.  If I worked on commission, and with retail sales being a bit depressed, I may also be a bit more aggressive.  That's why I shop online, or at certain stores where I know that the service will be great, or where the service doesn't matter - examples of each are CT, SF or certain ebay vendors for the first, Leather Soul BH for the second, and Nord's rack for the third.
PM sent!  
These are bloody gorgeous! Unfortunately, promised to lay off the shopping for a while.......but wow!
Gooooooolllly! Gorgeous stuff! Also a great seller!
dang mainy!  so many BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL things you've got!
Love the navy shawl cardigan! makes me wish I lived in cooler climes!
Beautiful shoes!
good lawd!  ay-mey-zing!
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