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Pm sent!
How narrow is narrow? Do you have outsole measurements?
Beautiful stuff Nick! Some are even my size, except for one thing...the sleeves are too long! Aargh! Seriously, nice nice nice.
nice!  they look familiar......
  ++1!  I've bought a few pairs online and in store....the standard G&G line and EG generally do not include the shoe trees.  From what I see, St Crispin and Cleverley are a couple of makers that offer trees, but the prices reflect them.  Also, some stores do offer the trees with the shoes, and the prices are reflective of this practice as well.
Love this outfit gdl!
I ordered an MTO pair from user tombrone who sells Vass on SF, as well as offering a proxy service.  There are others, I believe, who also offer a similar service (Kolecho?).  Would suggest you know exactly what you want in terms of colour, lasts and such.   Good luck, and post pics when you get whatever you order!
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