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ok, well that lets me out - living in Singapore and travelling around Asia, that is probably not the best suit to wear. sent you a PM for the other suit though!  
PM sent
Is that spring-fall-winter?  what's the fabric weight like?  
gorgeous Crat!  yes please, glove AND scarf deets!
fantastic!  thanks a lot for the effort!
That's a great idea!  Why didn't I think of that?  Just spent an hour and a half on the back stoop looking at the rain, shining a pair of shoes purchased from the forum.  It took only 3 coats (I know, I know, 3 coats and it took you an hour and a half! - learning, learning) and I got a pretty decent shine.  Mind you, I got the shoes used, and the previous owner took care of them, which is probably why it didn't take me that long.  But a while watching a
Thanks Crat. That is appreciated. I now use Saphir tin wax, and will try to use some color in the future.That is a great shine, by the way. How many coats, and how long, did it take to get that shine?
quick question - do you need several brushes for the different shades of brown/burgundy?  I have shoes in chestnut, dark, dark brown, caramel(?), dark oak, cherry?     Also, I only have black and neutral polish, using the black for black (duh), and neutral for all other colors.  just afraid to get the colors wrong.   Any advice would be welcome.   thanks!
Anthony Cleverley Camerons in dark brown calf     George Cleverley Henrys in chestnut burnish calf   both from LSBH
Pm sent!
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