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Much obliged sir.
by the way, Cleav, would you mind sharing the deets on the dark brown DMs please?
This was just hilarious! you gotta love the pink socks!  Very nice indeed! PCK,  love the suede monks - ask you guys - would these be acceptable in a customer service environment?  Cleav, those combos are rocking!
i like it.  would probably prefer it in either a darker brown or a black pebble grain as PB mentioned.  but, as others have said, for that kind of money, there are other shoes that are calling to me.
Guys those are bee-yu-ti-ful combos! And yes, those trousers are really cool stitchy!
nice combination mac!
  haha!  so it's not just me!
i'm liking those socks! thanks Cleav!
what he said
fit,finish and quality for me, personally.  in that order.
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